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     Lesson April 27 - May 1: (please take a picture of daily work and send me a picture on remind101)

    (click here) message from Mrs. Dina April 27 - May 1



     (click here) The Big Red Barn

     Make a list of 1 D,P,B,R words with your child.. Is there anything in your home that starts with one the the letters? Practice writing the letter D,P,B,R.  Be sure to start your letters at the top. Also, Make sure to practice writing your name, last name if you can.  

    MODIFIED: Use Shaving cream to practice writing letters D,P,B,R


    Tuesday 4/28/20

    (click here) The Cow that went Oink!

    Count 1-70

    Write #’s 1-14

    Math problem of the Day: 

    Mrs. Rose had a farm. She had 4 cows  living on the farm. Mrs. Dina has 4 horses she wants to give Mrs. Rose. How many animals will Mrs. Rose have  all together?

    Draw picture and solve the problem

    Be sure to allow your child to use manipulatives to help them solve the problem! 

    MODIFIED: Help your child use blocks to make a barn. Count animals aloud as you put them in the barn.


    Wednesday 4/29/20

    (click here) Amazing Facts about Cows!

    JOURNAL WRITING: Cows are amazing!  Dairy cows naturally produce the milk we drink.  Make a list of products that come from milk.

    MODIFIED: Ask your child simple “wh” questions about cows: what sound does a cow make?  Where do cows live? What comes out of a cow?


    Thursday 4/30/20

    (click here) Amazing Facts about Pigs!


    Write / illustrate  1 interesting fact you learned about pigs.

    MODIFIED: Use playdoe to make shapes: circle, triangle.  Can you make a pig using playdoe?


    Friday 5/1/20

    (click here) If you give a pig a pancake

    SCIENCE FRIDAY! Lets make pancakes!

    Be sure to use the following vocabulary:

    Ingredients, safety, measure,  heat, pour, mix, flip, combine


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