Hello Schertz Elementary PreK Family!

  •                                                        WELCOME TO MRS. DINA'S 2019-2020 DINOSAUR CLASS! 
                                                                NEW! ONLINE LEARNING STARTING MARCH 24, 2020!!
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     Lesson March 30 - April 3: (please take a picture of daily work and send me a picture on remind101)

    MONDAY: Make a list of 3 V words with your child. Watch the V videos for ideas. Is there anything in your home that starts with V?  Work 15 min on Starfall, click below *Rhyme TIME family game! Make rhyming words (can be silly words) using the names of people in your family.  Ex: Mommy-Wommy, Daddy - Laddy

    (click here) Letter Vv words

    (click here) rhyming with Mrs. Dina


    TUESDAY: Practice writing the letter V.  Be sure to start your letters at the top. Practice writing the letter V in your green Handwriting book. Also, Make sure to practice writing your name, last name if you can.  Work 15 min on PBS Kids, SuperWhy.. click below *I SPY PARTS OF WORDS  game. Say, “I spy something in the kitchen….. BA-NA-NA… what word am I trying to say?” Use different items in the the kitchen. 

    Wednesday: Count aloud 1-50 with an adult. Count out 10 household items...Practice adding / subtracting household items to 10. 

    Counting out 10 items

    (click here) adding with Mrs. Dina

    Thursday: Have your child draw a picture of their favorite insect in their WRITING journal. Label your insect.  Help your child write a 3-5 word sentence about their insect.  

    (click here) The Grouchy Lady Bug

    (click here) The Hungry Caterpillar

    (click here) writing with Mrs. Dina


    Friday: Draw the life cycle of a butterfly in the WRITING journal. Must include: egg, caterpillar, cacoon, butterfly.    

    (click here) The Life Cycle of a Caterpillar

    FREE ONLINE WEBSITES: (just click on link! Have your child work at least 20 min per day on websites!)
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