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    Nurse's line: 210-619-4306

    School Nurse  

     Vanessa Moreno, RN 


     Beginning OF THE YEAR Medication Drop Off

    If your student will need to take medication during the school day, we will have a few days this coming week to drop off medication. We will also need proper documentation to be able to administer medication safley while at school. This will include daily medications, inhalers, epi-pen and PRN (as needed) medication. For students with asthma, if they are prescribed nebulizer treatments, please note that we are not allowed to administer nebulizer treatments at this time due to the aerosol the nebulizer produces. Please have your Primary Care Provider prescribe an inhaler with a spacer for school use.

    This will be a drive through process only, as visitors are not allowed in the building at this time due to COVID19. The dates and times are as follows. 

    • Tuesday Sept. 2nd from 8a-2p
    • Wednesday Sept. 3rd from 8a-2p
    • Thursday Sept. 4th  from 8a-2p

    All medication must be in a presciption bottle labeled with the correct medication and student's name. The proper medication administration form must be complete, signed, and dated by Primary Care Physician and parent. Please contact school nurse with any question or concerns regarding medication or forms. The forms are located on this website as well as the district website. 



    Please remember to fill out your N1 Health History form for your student. Once filled out and signed please return it to the school nurse via email. This also includes those students who will be learning remotely. It is just so when the students return for face to face instruction, we will already have their information in place. If you have a student with health concerns please contact school nurse at 210-619-4306 or email at 









    School Nurse Mission Statement

    The mission of the Schlather School Nurse is to support the education and developmental process of all students by promoting their optimal health and well-being in a safe and supportive environment.  I am dedicated to the promotion and maintenance of health and wellness in the school community, assisting all students in achieving their maximum learning potential.



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