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    Google Classroom Codes (By Class Period):

    Dobie 1st: m2jo44q

    Dobie 2nd: 2kqz7cf

    Dobie 3rd: xnsotvd

    Steele 5th: ket2szz

    Steele 6th: c75ejdj

    Steele 7th: inj2ya2


    Remind Codes: @steeleorc and @dobieorc  







    Andrew Sutton, Director


    8:10-8:58 -- 1st Period Orchestra @ Dobie JH
    9:03 -- 9:51 -- 2nd Period Orchestra @ Dobie JH
    9:56 -- 10:44 -- 3rd Period Orchestra @ Dobie JH
    10:45 -- 11:30 -- Travel time
    11:30 -- 12:20 -- Lunch and Conference @ Steele HS
    12:25 -- 1:15 -- *New for this year* 5th period Orchestra @ Steele HS
    1:20 -- 2:10 -- 6th Period Orchestra @ Steele HS
    2:15 -- 3:05 -- 7th Period Orchestra @ Steele HS
    3:10 -- 4:00 -- Conference @ Steele HS
    ****NOTE: If you need extra help, please schedule time with me to get tutoring.  I'm available before school at Dobie and after school at Steele should you need help.  ****



    Remind will be: @steeleorc and @dobieorc this year!  All music will be available through the student's Google Classroom for their class.  Students are expected to replace lost or damaged music within 48 hours.  


    We are using Remind.com for ALL blasts this year.  Please click on HERE to register at Remind.com!  I am always available by email as well. Due to the schedule, I will do my best to return phone calls, within 48 hours typically, but emails will always get a quicker response.  You are welcome to schedule a meeting during my conference period as well.  


    Calendars will be distributed the first day.   

    Handbooks are online this year.  Please click here to be directed to the online handbook.  Once everyone has taken the survey/read the handbook, a .pdf version will be sent via email.  





    District Grading Policy for 7-12 grade: English: https://www.scuc.txed.net/Page/29000  Spanish:  https://www.scuc.txed.net/Page/29307

Mr. Andrew Sutton



Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Andrew Sutton

Insert boiler plate bio here.  

Kidding.  I started out like most music students with 5th grade strings.  I started on cello and volunteered to briefly switch to bass in 8th grade.  We moved from Midland to the Houston area between 8th and 9th grade and I continued playing cello all through 9th grade, getting to play full orchestra music and really beginning to understand just how cool this whole thing was.  My High School pulled no punches, we played uncut professional level music for contest and 9th grade was difficult.  In 10th grade, my director asked me to switch to bass for the spring and I never looked back.  I made region my Junior and Senior year and ended up with a full scholarship to a smaller school in Louisiana for college.  I got pulled in many directions in college musically.  I was in a number of rock bands outside of school as well as Orchestra, Wind Ensemble, Pep Band and Jazz Band most of my time at my college.  Its also why, with 2 senior years behind me, I hadn't graduated.  I tried transferring after taking some time off and that didn't work either so I ended up for a couple years just being a professional musician.  I'd do gigs, teach lessons and would practice all the time.  I decided I needed to go back and get a degree in something, mostly because I saw career opportunities requiring a bachellors degree.  I ended up with a BS in Psychology that actually prepared me for being a teacher very well.  I still wasn't ready to teach but was getting my toes wet.  First, I took a job with an educational software company and began training teachers on both the computer side and the music side of the program.  Then, when I was laid off in 2008, I began substitute teach.  Once a few music teachers found out I was available, I was very busy and it was then that I realized I loved teaching orchestra and began working to become an orchestra teacher.  

Because I put a pause on becoming a teacher, I come at it now with a different approach than many.  I still gig and keep my personal "chops" up and those current experiences I bring to the classroom.  I work with some amazing conductors and I learn so much at each gig I do.  They may not realize it, but they are part of the reason I wanted to move to higher grade levels.  

I look forward to working with everyone and my goal is to bring out their best everyday.