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Degrees and Certifications:

Tarleton State University BBA TEA Teacher Certification

Mrs. Irle



Welcome to Dobie!

You are going to have a great year even in this craziness!  This gives us something to remember and talk about in the years to come.


Above is my new granddaughter, Lilly-Bug, who is almost 1 year old.  She is so much fun and loves to laugh!  As a San Antonio native, I have not gone far from here at Dobie with 15 years on campus.  I can't wait to meet all of you.  Together we can do this! 


Sign up for all items below: (Use FIRST & LAST name, parents' last name different from child ie...Johnny Smith(Ms. Jones, parent


   REMIND app (cell phone/computer)

(students must check that they are 13 & older in order to send me messages if they have questions and I can respond)

Use FIRST & LAST name! If your a parent, in parentheses put child's First name(include child's last name only if different from you last name).

    On-Level Math => Text: @irlem   To: 81010

    Honors Math ==> Text: @irleh    To: 81010



   Zoom: Students MUST login to Zoom with their First & Last Names! Must have your face showing, too!

Codes and session times will be given to you through Google Classroom & Remind.  

  Zoom Daily Tutoring (for questions):   

     On-Level @ 8:30-9:10am & 1:30-2:10pm 

     Honors @ 9:15am-9:55am & 2:15-2:55pm  


SUPPLY LIST: * we can NOT loan or share supplies due to Covid-19. Students MUST bring all supplies to class every day!

Notebook Paper (loose)

3-Ring Notebook (1.5 - 2" is good)

Pencils – (many) work done only in pencil

Red Pens (required for grading papers)

1 Expo marker (personal student use)



*We have staplers, hand sanitizer, tissues (you are welcome to bring your own mini size too)

Optional: Tissues (greatly appreciated, for your child during the year)

*Supplies will need to be replenished throughout the year (paper/pencils/pens)