Dual Credit Information

  • ATTENTION: Students interested in Dual Credit classes for Fall 2021

    In order to qualify to enroll in Dual Credit classes, students must apply to NLC by the deadline, August 24, and turn in the required paperwork to Mrs. Phillips. 

    Students must have qualifying scores in order to register, and we consider the PSAT, SAT, and EOC scores along with the subject-specific GPA for qualification. Students who do

    not have qualifying scores through any of those tests also have the opportunity to qualify by taking the TSAI2 test on campus on Tuesday, August 31.  


    If you are interested in testing, please see the TSIA2 resources here. 







    If you have taken DC classes through NLC, please read the following inportant information about obtaining your college transcript from Northeast Lakeview College:

    I have linked instructions on how graduating seniors can request their dual credit transcript to be sent to their college/university. Spring grades and GPAs will be available to students on May 31, but they will not be able to make their transcript request until the week of June 15 after Ms. DeMont collects and processes their final high school transcripts. She will be doing that the week of June 7.

    Ms. DeMont's contact information is listed on the guide attached so students may contact her with questions. 


    Additionally, if your university requires that you send their admissions office your TSI Score Report, you may log on to Accuplacer.org and obtain it there. If you took the TSI test with us at Steele and need additional assistance, please contact me at aphillips@scuc.txed.net early this summer!  


    Have a great summer and Go KNIGHTS! 




    Dear Future Dual Credit Student and Parent,

    On Tuesday, March 16, we will be TSI testing students who have applied to Northeast Lakeview College and wish to take Dual Credit courses. Our testing will take place on the Byron P. Steele  II campus and will start at the beginning of the day at 8:40 am. Please arrive promptly to school and to first period on this date.

    In order to be able to TSI test, students should have completed the AlamoEnroll modules and completed and turned in their Dual Credit forms. Students received their ACES username, password, and Banner ID either from Ms. DeMont, the High School Programs Coordinator at NLC, or from me. Please check the email used to apply through ApplyTexas.org for this information if you did not receive this information from me while on campus.

    The TSI tests college-readiness, so if you did not take the PSAT with us at Steele or if your PSAT/SAT SCORES were not qualifying, you will receive a pass to test in a computer lab.  When you receive the pass, please make your way immediately to the computer lab listed on the pass.

    If you are a remote learner, please arrive early, check in through the front office, and meet in the Downstairs F Gallery waiting area. Once you arrive to the downstairs F Gallery, please check in with Ms. Biggs, the F Gallery secretary, and she will let you know the computer lab in which you will be testing. Remote learners, please also bring your phone so you can contact your parent to pick you up after you are finished testing.

    Please bring your ACES username and password and Banner ID so that you can log in easily. You might also consider bringing a lunch on this date. After you are finished with the test, you will either return to class or return home.

    I look forward to helping you in this process, and we’ll see you on Tuesday, March  16 for the TSI test.


       April Phillips


    We are proud to be partnered with Northeast Lakeview College to offer Dual Credit courses on our high school campus!

    SCUC ISD Dual Credit Offerings

    The following course offerings are listed below for 2020-21. These courses are subject to change based on faculty availability and class sizes.

    Eng 1301; 1302: College Composition

    Eng 2322; 2324: British Literature

    Hist 1301; 1302: United States History 

    Bio 1406: Medical Microbiology 

    Econ 2301: Economics

    Gov 2305: US Government

    TX Government

    Music Appreciation 

    Math 2314: College Calculus


    Spring 2021:

    College Algebra 

    For policies and guidelines associated with Dual Credit courses, please see the Advanced Academic Handbook: https://www.scuc.txed.net/Page/32929

    Application Process for the Dual Credit program

    Please download and complete these forms to get started in applying for the upcoming school year, 2021-2022.  Begin the application process by applying to NLC through ApplyTX.org. The last few pages of the attachment provide the instructions for applying to NLC. Make sure to select the appropriate semester for which you will be entering the program. 

    Reach out to me at aphillips@scuc.txed.net if you have any questions as you complete the process.  

    Deadlines for each of the steps of the application process:

    1. Apply through ApplyTX.org -- Feb. 12

    Once the application is complete, there is a turnaround time of 3-5 business days for NLC to receive the application and provide Banner IDs, passwords/logins to high school coordinator to provide to students. Plan for this turnaround time and work ahead of the deadline. 

    2 Complete both forms and return or email to aphillips@scuc.txed.net -- Feb. 22

    Once the student receives the Banner ID, he/she can complete the forms and return to me. 

    3. Complete modules -- Feb. 26

    I will email each student, who successfully applies and completes the forms, information on completing the modules. 

    4. March 16: TSI testing* is scheduled for those who need qualifying scores. 

    If testing is necessary for Reading/Writing and/or Math, we will schedule either an in-person on campus TSI testing session or issue a voucher so that the student can TSI test virtually.  

    *Students who qualify based on their PSAT/SAT scores will not need to TSI test. We are planning to schedule TSI testing on campus for students who need to TSI test for Reading/Writing and/or Math.

                            Please make sure to sign up for DC courses through your counselor and complete the process if interested in taking DC courses for the upcoming year.

Dual Credit Courses

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Test Score Info

  • Students must meet qualifying scores through the TSI (test administered at Steele on March 16) or PSAT provided the scores are not more than five years old:

    Acceptable PSAT Scores: Evidence Based Reading & Writing (EBRW) = 460+ & Math = 510+

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