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  • Welcome to Coach Hataway's Science page.
    Tutoring Schedule: Monday - Wednesday from 4:00 to 4:30 unless otherwise stated in class.  
    Class Schedule:
    Period    Class                   Room     Time                        Google Classroom Code
       1        Conference                        8:40-9:30
       2        Astronomy           P67B      9:35-10:30               ekot4zy
       3        Astronomy           P67B      10:35-11:25             ipcfr7f
       4        Astronomy           P67B      11:30-12:20             ylhltvy
       5        Astronomy           P67B      12:25-1:15               4qgze6g
       6        Lunch                                1:20-2:10
       7        Earth & Space      P67B       2:15-3:05                kgduc5p
       8        Athletics                            3:10-4:00
    Remind codes: Text 81010
    For Astronomy use @astrokn
    For Earth & Space use @hk84f7g
    I also assist with the Cross Country team in the mornings before school during the season which parallels Football and Voleyball. Therefore, I am unavailable at that time.
    Class Rules
    1.  Campus rules apply inside the classroom.
    2.  Be to class on time. Campus tardy policy will apply. Do not block 
         the doorway while others are entering and exiting.
    3.  Treat everyone with respect including classmates, teacher, visitors, 
         and yourself.
    4.  Do not interrupt others. Wait your turn to speak or add to the class 
         discussion.  Don't dominate the conversation.
    5.  Cell phones may be used as a learning tool on occasion at the 
         teacher's discretion. Until directed to do so, they are to remain 
         stowed in the students' backpack/handbag.
    6.  Respect the possessions of others. Do not hide or move other 
         students' backpacks or other belongings without their permission.   
    7.  Dress according to the District dress code policy.
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