Recommended Summer Reading:   see Honors 1 page and link

                                                                       Video (excuse the clarity)- Summer Reading 2020 Video

    Summer Reading Google Classroom:  Join Code nb7jva7

                                                       This is for any Honors 9th or 10th grader who has any questions or who would like to share what they are reading, make comments about the

                                                        reading, etc.

    Incoming freshmen GT Google Classroom Code -axevwiw.        Please complete the survey and check for any activities.

Incoming Honors English 1 students, please go to the honors page for the supply list.



Need to contact me?   email me at sshires@scuc.xed.net  

In our tech-based world, and with students increased use of tech, most news about Honors English1

is shared with students via REMIND or GOOGLE CLASSROOM.

Please make sure that students have the password to check their grades on TXConnect


 Mrs. Shires' 2020-2021 Schedule: G226 

1st Period:     Honors Eng. 1

2nd period:    Honors Eng. 1

3rd Period:     PLC Conference
4th Period:     Honors Eng. 1
5th Period:     Advisory/Lunch
6th Period:     Honors Eng. 1

7th Period:     Honors Eng. 1

8th Period:     Honors Eng. 1





Mrs. Susan M Shires



Degrees and Certifications:

BA in English MA in Education Certifications: English/English Language Arts History Social Studies Composite Speech Communication/Professional Communication Gifted & Talented Supplemental ESL Supplemental

Mrs. Susan M Shires

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