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  •           Ms. LindaGuerra        

                  Health Science Technology Teacher 

                        Steele Color Guard Sponsor



                  PERIOD                         COURSE                           ROOM

               1st period           Principles of Health Science          Q235

               2nd  period         Principles of Health Science          Q235

               3rd & 4th period  Practicum in Health Science:         Q235

                                            Medical Assisting               

               5th  period         Duty Period- Athletic Doors            Q235

               6th period          Advisory/Lunch                             Q235

               7th  period         Conference                          

               8th period          Color Guard                                  Bandhall



    My regularly scheduled “office hours” are: 

     TUESDAY from 4:00-4:30 pm.  


    (If you need specific help with a concept at any other time, please make an appointment with me.)

      Please talk with me as soon as you find that you need help.  

    If the above tutorial times do not work for you, please discuss an alternative time with me ASAP.  We will attempt to work out another time that is mutually acceptable.