Lt Col (Ret) Eric R. Bass

Phone: 2109456562


Degrees and Certifications:

BS Ed, University of Missouri MBA, University of South Dakota MA, Air University Air Force Junior ROTC Instructor Certification

Lt Col (Ret) Eric R. Bass

Colonel Bass was born at Whiteman Air Force Base, MO on 15 September 1967. He graduated from Knob Noster High School in 1985 as a National Honor Society member, a three-sport letterman (Football, Basketball, and Track), a two-time state champion (Football-1984, Track Mile Relay-1985), as well as a summer league baseball all-star team selection. He was commissioned into the U.S. Air Force in December 1989 through the AFROTC program at the University of Missouri where he earned a degree in Business Education. Also, at the University of Missouri, he was an all-conference letterman on the men’s track team specializing in middle distance (600m and 800m).  Colonel Bass pulled over 200 alerts as a Strategic Missile Combat Crew Member and has served in a multitude of leadership positions throughout his career to include Squadron Commander, Flight Commander, and Head Quarters Branch Chief positions.  In addition, he served at Wing, Major Command, Field Operating Agency, Combatant Command, and Headquarters Air Force levels.  His professional memberships and affiliations include Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. since May 1995, the University of Missouri Alumni Association, and the Air Force Association.  Colonel Bass has 10 years of youth couching experience in the sports of baseball, basketball, football and track.  He has been in his current position as the AFJROTC Department Head and Senior Instructor at Samuel Clemens High School, Schertz, TX, since July 2013.  Colonel Bass has two sons, Preston (8 Mar 96) and Peyton (11 Jun 99), and is married to Christi Bass (Skinner) since 1 Dec 12.

AFJROTC Course Information





    AFJROTC is a three- or four-year program for high school students. The fourth year is available in schools that have ninth through twelfth grade. The curriculum includes Aerospace Science (AS), Leadership Education (LE) and Wellness.  All students will be given credit towards graduation for successful completion of the AFJROTC program per the Air Force School Agreement. Each academic course must consist of an AS component (40%), an LE component (40%), and a Wellness component (20%).  JROTC is part of the Public Service Endorsement.



Classroom Rules and Expectations

  • JROTC CLASSROOM RULES: Like all other high school classes, JROTC has  rules to follow in order to maintain a focused and disciplined training and learning environment, and to develop “citizens of character”.  Cadets need to comply with the instructions given by the cadet in charge, especially when the instructor is not present.

    1.  Go to the restroom BEFORE CLASS!
    2. Get to your desk with ID prominently displayed, and standing at parade rest before tardy bell rings.
    3. One person speaks at a time, by raising your hand, and waiting to be recognized by the Instructor; exceptions are an announced free discussion.
    4. Be attentive when someone else is speaking and be respectful to everyone.
    5. Absolutely no use of mobile devices during JROTC classes unless authorized by an Instructor.
    6. Wear and use of headphones and/or earplugs while in JROTC is not authorized.
    7. Bring to class all required materials needed for the JROTC class period to include pencil and paper.
    8. DO NOT bring materials that do not pertain to JROTC.
    9. DO NOT work on homework from your other classes or read outside books unless given permission by your flight commander or instructor.
    10. Do not sleep in class or put your head on the desk as it is very disrespectful and distracting! If you are drowsy, go to the back of the room and stand up!
    11. Do not get up out of your chair for trash or any other reasons unless you have permission by your flight commander or instructor.
    12. Do not bring food, snacks, candy, gum or drinks to class. Instructors may allow food and drinks, but they decide when, not you!

     NOTE:  Any violation of classroom procedures, classroom rules, and any other school policies will be subject to letters of counseling, reprimand, or admonishment as determined by the Instructors.  Serious violations and/or a compilation of violations may result in removal from the JROTC program. Violations of these rules and procedures may also result in restrictions from participating in other cadet activities, competitions or taking field trips.

Class Schedule


    Period 1

    8:40 -


    Period 2

    9:35 -


    Period 3

    10:35 -


    Period 4

    11:30 -


    Period 5

    12:25 -


    Period 6

    1:20 -


    Period 7

    2:15 -


    Period 8

    3:10 -


    Conference JROTC 2 JROTC 1 JROTC 3 JROTC 4 Duty/Lunch JROTC 1 JROTC 2

Tutoring Times

  • Mon - Thur:  0745 - 0815

    Fri:  4:05 - 4:30

Grading Guidelines

JROTC Presentation