Attendance Procedures

  • Attendance Clerk: Karolyn Sigalas

    • Phone: 210-945-6520
    • Fax: 210-945-6591
    • Email


    Remember to send in an excuse note anytime your student is absent.

    • Calling in a student's absence DOES NOT excuse the absence. Only a submitted note or e-mail from a parent/care provider excuses the absence.
    • Please include the student's name, ID #, date(s) of absence(s), and reason for absence(s). 


    To submit an excuse electronically...


    Early Checkout

    • If you are picking your student up early, you must come to the front office and sign them out. Please make sure to have your ID available. 
    • If your student drives and needs to leave early, please send an email to both Ms. Sigalas and Ms. Bunton with the following information:
      • Student name
      • Student ID number
      • Time student needs to leave
    • Parent/Guardian email address must match what addresses are on-file


    Please note...

    • An absence is considered unexcused when a note is not provided within 3 days of the student returning to school.
    • A note from a care provider will only excuse the day(s) listed. If your student is out for longer, an additional note from a parent is required to excuse the extra days. 
    • If your student is sent home by the nurse, a note from a parent is still required to excuse the time your student misses school.
    • If a student has a note from a doctor that has instructions for PE/Athletics, it is the students' responsibility to make a copy for the PE/Athletics teacher(s). Any note that is turned in directly to the PE/Athletics teacher(s) that is not also given to the attendance office will be considered unexcused for attendance purposes. 
    • Students are allowed two (2) DMV appointments (1 for the permit, and 1 for the license). Attendance will need a copy of the permit or license to excuse these absences.
    • Three (3) unexcused absences will result in a Truancy Warning Letter from the school. A second warning letter is sent at eight (8) absences. Nine (9) or more unexcused absences (per academic year) will most likely result in a court appearance. 
    • A student is allowed nine (9) excused or unexcused absences per semester (18 per school year) in order to meet the Compulsory Attendance Law's 10% rule. Absences over this amount may result in loss of credit and/or grade retention. 
    • The tardy bell rings at 8:55 AM. Students will be counted tardy if they are not in their seats by 8:55 AM. After 10 minutes of the bell ringing, students will be considered absent for the period.  
    • Use Ascender to keep track of your student's attendance.  


    College Visits & Attendance

    • Juniors and Seniors are allowed two days off each year to make college visits.  
    • Students can pick up the College Visit Form from the Counseling Office and visit with their administrator or counselor prior to making a visit. 
    • Students must return the form to the attendance office with proper signatures upon their return to Clemens to have the absence(s) coded correctly.