Maintenance & Facilities

  • Herb Rehmann Auxillary Complex
    1060 Elbel

    Schertz, TX 78108
    P 210-945-6206

Business and Finance

  • Mission

    SCUC ISD, a diverse community founded in trust and transparency, commits to empower all students to fulfill lifelong potential through inspiring learning experiences. 

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  • Vision

    Inspire - Innovate - EXCEL!

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  • Values

    Leadership, Character, Commitment, Service, Learning

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Contact Us

  • Office Hours 7:30 am - 4:30 pm Monday through Friday
    Phone:  210-945-6243
    AFTER HOURS HVAC CONTACT:  210-945-6058

Department Strategic Goals

    • Reduce the district expenditure on electricity.
    • Reduce the average completion time of Work Orders.
    • Increase the percentage of customers responding in the top two bands of customer satisfaction in the delivery of our key services.
    • Increase the average score in overall Organizational Health (satisfaction).