SCUCISD Annual Performance Evaluation

  • SCUC ISD Community and Student Engagement Survey

    HB 5, passed by the 83rd Texas Legislature in 2013, set new directions for instruction, assessment, and graduation plans, and also requires school districts to conduct an annual performance evaluation on their community and student engagement efforts.

    Upon completion of the survey, districts are required to evaluate the results and assign a rating of exemplary, recognized, acceptable, or unacceptable for the district and each campus in specific programs and categories, including the following:

    • Fine arts
    • Wellness  and physical education
    • Community and parental involvement
    • The 21st Century Workforce Development program
    • The second language acquisition program
    • The digital learning environment

    HB 2804, passed by the 84th Texas Legislature in 2015, modified accountability specifications to include the requirement for all campuses to select three indicators (CASE Choices) from Domain V: Community and Student Engagement, to self-rate themselves beginning in SY 2017-2018.  Criteria used for selection of the campus and district CASE choices is available on the 2016-2017 Performance Evaluation Ratings link provided below.

    2016-2017 Performance Evaluation Ratings


    Please use the links provided below to view the assigned ratings for previous years.

    2015-16 Performance Evaluation Ratings

    2014-15 Performance Evaluation Ratings 

    2013-14 Performance Evaluation Ratings