• Mr. Wiederstein * Our school was named after Mr. Otto G. Wiederstein, who was a teacher and principal in the area for 50 years. (He was born in 1890 and died in 1962.)

    * The original Wiederstein campus is located on Schlather Street in downtown Cibolo. The original school was built in 1957. It was known at that time as Cibolo Junior High School. (It's interesting to note that the entrance was in a different place - take a look outside on the Schlather Street side.) 

    * In 1967, the school became the district's 6th grade campus. By this time, the office and cafeteria wing had been constructed.

     * In 1969, the school became O.G. Wiederstein Elementary School, serving students in grades K - 5. 

    * Five years later, the library wing was added. In 1990, a wing was constructed at the back of the school. 

    * In 2006, a school bond was passed to rebuild Wiederstein. In 2008, a new campus was completed.

    * O.G. Wiederstein is currently located on Borgfeld Street in Cibolo and has been open since the 2008-2009 school year.


Our School Colors

Our colors are blue and gold

Our Mascot

Our mascot is the wolverine