Nurse's Information






    My name is Sharon Nodine and I am very excited to be the Rose Garden School Nurse.  With a growing number of students, our goal is to keep a healthy environment for our students and staff.  

    This is a reminder, that orders for medications and special medical procedures must be renewed each school year and must have a parents and doctor's signature. ALL medication must be brought to campus by a parent, guardian or a designated adult. Students are not allowed to cary any medication (see student/parent handbook). Paperwork for medication and procedures requires a parent and healthcare providers signature. 

    State mandated screenings for vision, hearing and Type 2 Diabetes will be done on students in Pre-K, kindergarden, 1st and 3rd grade, in the first 120 school days. Parents will be notified if their child does not pass one or more of these screenings, or if I am unable screen your student. Students in 2nd and 4th grade may be screened if time permits. It is important that students wear their glasses daily as prescribed by their eye doctor. Good vision and hearing will promote better eye health and educatioanl outcomes.

    Please add a change of clothes in your students backpack if they are in Pre-K, kindergarden or first grade. Occastionally students will have bathroom accidents.

    The State of Texas requires that all students be up to date on all their immunizations prior to entering school. Parents/guardians will be notified when immunizations are due. Please send updated immunization records to the school nurse, when your child recieves an immunization. If your child has an Immunization Exemption, it must be current. Requests for exemption can be found on the Texas Department of State Health Services ( ).

    Our district is fortunate to have a School Based Health Center, operated by Methodist Healthcare Ministries. They provide well and sick child visits, immunizations, basic dental care, mental health care and more. They are located next to Schertz Elementary School at 757 Curtiss Avenue, Schertz, Texas, 78154. Their phone number is (210) 658-4875.

    If you have any questions or concerns about your child, please email or call me during school hours.



    clinic phone- 210 619-4353

    fax- 210 619-4369