Cite that Source

  • Cite That Source

    When you are doing a research project or paper, the information that you fin
    d comes from various resources such as books, videos, interviews, or the internet.  You will need to provide a Works Cited or Bibliography page to show what resources you used.

    • The first reason you create a works cited or bibliography page is to provide credibilty to your research project.  You want to show that the information you are using comes from a good resource. A good research project uses good information from a legitimate resource.


    • The second reason is that you want to create a Works Cited or Bibliography page is to give credit to the ideas and information that you are using, since these are not your original ideas and information.


    The Bibliography or Works Cited page is much easier to create than it was in the past.  There are many different tools to use to accomplish this task. 

    • One way to do it is to use our computers here at school that have built in citation generators in Microsoft Word.
    • Another way to do it is to use an online citation generator such as Easy Bib or Citation Machine.  You will have to copy and paste this into your citation page when you are done.  When in doubt about citing resources, don't forget that you can always ask your teacher or Mrs. Navarro for help.

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