Welcome to the Team!

    We are excited to have you join us. Below you will find all the essential information.

    Practice Schedule and Expectations

    • Practice Time: 3:30 PM - 5:30 PM
    • Locker Room Exit: 5:45 PM
    • Pick-Up Time: Please pick up your child within 15 minutes after practice ends (by 6:00 PM).
    • Mandatory Attendance: Practice is mandatory for all players.
    • Consequences for Missing Practice:
      • 1 missed practice: Loss of a quarter of playing time.
      • 2 missed practices: Full game suspension.
      • 3 missed practices: Removal from the team.

    Game Information

    • Attendance: All players are expected to be at school on game days.
    • Game Schedule:
      • A-Team: Wednesdays at 4:30 PM
      • B-Team: Wednesdays at 6:00 PM
    • Away Games:
      • Players must ride the bus to the games.
      • Parents can take their child home after the game only if prior notice was given via email or SportsYou message.

    Contact Protocol

    When contacting us, please follow the chain of command:

    1. Head Coach of Sport:  8th-grade Coach Henry, 7th-Grade Coach Dossett
    2. Athletic Coordinator: Coach Henry
    3. Vice-Principal Over Athletics:
    4. Principal: Ms. McWilliams
    5. Athletic Director: Mr. Lehnhoff

    Common Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

    • Athletic Period: Yes, all football players must be in the athletic period.
    • Physicals: Must be on file to participate. Forms are available on Submit in person or email Coach Henry at
    • Team Placement: Football will not cut players; all will be placed on a team.
    • Required Gear:
      • Cleats and athletic tennis shoes for class.
      • Athletic uniforms purchased on (consider multiple pairs).
      • All-white football pants.
    • Jewelry: No jewelry is allowed in athletics or on the field. Avoid ear piercings during the school year.
    • Attendance: Schedule appointments on Fridays when there is no practice.
    • Practice and Game Schedule:
      • Practices and games: Monday - Thursday.
      • First 2 weeks: Friday practices.
      • Regular schedule: No Friday practice.
      • A/B games: Wednesdays.
      • C-team games: Mondays.

    Coaching Staff:

    8th Grade:

    • Head Coach: Coach Henry
    • Assistant Coach: Coach Davis
    • Assistant Coach: Coach Swan

    7th Grade:

    • Head Coach: Coach Dossett
    • Assistant Coach: Coach Schwab
    • Assistant Coach: Coach Barnes


    • Coach: Coach Orosco
    • Coach: Coach Chavez
    Thank you for joining the Corbett Jr. High Football Team! We look forward to a great season ahead.
    Parent Information for Football:

    Common Answers for Your Questions:

    • Athletic Period: Yes, all football players must be in the athletic period.
    • Physicals: Physicals must be on file to participate. All forms can be found on You can turn in the physical in person or email it to Coach Henry at
    • Team Placement: Football will not cut players; your son/daughter will be placed on a team.
    • Position Placement: Where the team needs them.
    • Required Gear:
      • Cleats and athletic tennis shoes are needed for class.
      • Purchase the athletic uniform on (consider buying a few pairs for the week).
      • A pair of all-white football pants, with the pad sewn in.
    • Jewelry: Athletes are not allowed to wear jewelry in athletics or on the field. Avoid getting ears pierced during the school year, as they will need to be removed for athletics.
    • Attendance: Boys are expected to attend all practices. Please schedule doctor appointments on Fridays when there is no practice.

    Parents Must complete the RankOneSport:  High Priority!!!!

    Please follow these instructions to ensure your child is eligible to participate in the upcoming sports season:

    1. Create an Account: Go to to create an account if you haven't already. You can also download the Rank One Sport app on your cell phone for easier access.

    2. Complete Required Forms: In Rank One Sport, you need to complete the following forms prior to the first game:

      • UIL Participation Form
      • Athletic Handbook Form

      Athletes with incomplete forms will not be allowed to play in the first game.

    3. Physical/Medical History Form: Every player must have a current physical/medical history form completed with proper signatures before they are allowed to participate in practices or games. If you need a copy of the 2024-2025 physical/medical history forms, please click on the following link: 2024-2025 Physical/Medical History Forms.

    Ensure all forms are submitted on time to avoid any issues with your child's participation in the sports season.

    Schedules Below: (All schedules will be added prior to the start of the school year)



    Contacts:  Due to us being with students all day, please email us for questions.

    8th grade questions

    Coach Henry:

    7th grade questions

    Coach Dossett:

    C-team Questions

    Coach Orosco: