• Coaches:

    8th- McAliley 806-441-2062   smcaliley@scuc.txed.net

            Brown     adbrown@scuc.txed.net

    7th- Ramirez  chramirez@scuc.txed.net

            Ferdarko  aferdarko@scuc.txed.net

    C- Kopp  akopp@scuc.txed.net 


    7th and 8th Grade Volleyball Information 2023-2024

    In SCUC(Corbett/Dobie), we have gone to all on-line ticketing for athletic events.  Below is a link to tickets for events at Corbett and Dobie JHS.  We are not accepting cash at the gate.  Spectators will be able to scan a QR code at the gate and purchase tickets, however it is much more convenient if they purchase ahead of time. 

    Ticket link for ticket spicket: Click here

    Rankone Parent Website 

    Need assistance with how to fill out the forms? Click here

    All Rank One forms (Athletic Participation and Athletic Handbook) must be filled out prior to try-outs.  The sooner you complete these, the better.  Any questions or concerns, please contact Coach McAliley smcaliley@scuc.txed.net 

    Attire for 7th grade girls athletics or any new 8th grader to athletics who does not have a Corbett athletics grey shirt and Red shorts will be required to wear an appropriate T-shirt or Dri-Fit (must have sleeves, no tanktops) and school appropriate length shorts (7" inseam or longer). *This is only if you are waiting for your athletic attire to come in from myschoolbucks. 


    ****Please purchase your athletic attire on myschoolbucks****

    Myschoolbucks link


    7th grade Try-outs:  August 16th, 17th, and 18th @ 6:15 AM in the big gym (Gym 1) The door to gym 2 will be open for entry starting at 6:00am (on the flag pole side)


    8th grade Try-Outs: August 16th, 17th, and 18th after school 3:30PM-5:15PM in the big gym (Gym 1)   Please be prepared to pick up your athlete at 5:15pm at the parent drop off location. 


    Of the girls selected, they will be separated into an AB, and C team based upon skill level. 

    ANY female athlete that wants to try-out MUST have a current (2023-2024) SCUC physical packet and all rank one forms on file with the Female Corbett Coaches. Any questions, contact Coach McAliley @ smcaliley@scuc.txed.net

    You cannot try-out for the team once try-outs are over. If you have a conflict, contact your coach to make arrangements. 

    Athletes need to wear Corbett T-shirt/shorts and proper running shoes for try-outs. (White knee pads will help, but are not required)

    Our colors are red and white.  We will wear white knee pads for games.

    Please have the athlete’s LAST name written on the t-shirt for try-outs (Large print helps). Permanent marker works the best. This helps the coaches get to know the girls and write down names more efficiently during the try-out process.  A number penny will be issued to each athlete trying out.  This is to be returned after try-outs. If not returned, the athlete will be billed $21.00.   

    Mandatory Parent Meeting: August 22nd at 5:15pm. 


    7th grade: Once try-outs are complete, please follow the calendar provided (These will be handed out August 15th). 

    8th grade: Once try-outs are complete, please follow the calendar provided (These will be handed out August 15th).   

    Games on Thursdays and 2 Saturdays .

    C-Team will consist of 7th and 8th grades combined.  Please follow the calendar provided. We encourage the girls to stay and watch the A and B teams play after practice. 

    Hair up, no gum, no jewelry and ready to play!

    Games:  See also the Calendar provided

    Games will be played on Thursdays and a couple of Saturdays.

    B team will begin at 5:00 pm and A team will play immediately following B team.

    C-Team games will be played on Mondays. With one Saturday game. 

    Uniforms will be issued (White knee pads).

    For away games, athletes will be bused to the game location and back to Corbett.  C-Team games will be played at Corbett and Dobie. A bus will be provided to Dobie, you must pick your athlete up from Dobie, the bus will not return to Corbett.   

    Athletes may ONLY leave from an away game with their parent/guardian and must have a signed parent release form 24 hours before the game.  They also must sign the student out with a Coach. 

    Mark your Calendars: 7th Pink Out Vs. Kitty Hawk 9-28-23. 8th Pink Out Vs. Heritage 10-5-23, C-Team Pink Out Vs. Dobie 10-9-23  Decorate 9-22-23 @ 3:45pm-Until finished