Flyer Distribution Request

  • Welcome to the Flyer Distribution Request Site.  Through this site, you may submit your request electronically.  

    Disclaimer: Approval of a flyer does not constitute an endorsement, validation or recommendation of any of the products, services or opinions of the business, organization or individual.  SCUC ISD bears no responsibility for the accuracy, legality or content of the materials presented to the public by the requestor.

    Frequently asked Questions (Answers provided below):
    1. Where can I go to complete the FDRF online?  Scroll down & click on link below.  You will not receive a confirmation.  Please do not submit duplicate request. 
    2. Can I submit a form in person verses electronically?  Yes, hard copies may be submitted in person to the Superintendent's Office located at 1060 Elbel Road in Schertz, 78154.  Regular office hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
    3. How long is the process? Upon approval or denial, we will notify you within 3 business days of your submission- via email if submitted electronically online and via phone if submitted in person/hard copy.  If you have not provided an attachment that we are able to download and save, we will ask you resubmit your request.  A PDF document is preferred.
    4.  Are individuals, organizations or businesses allowed to visit the schools to conduct an informational meeting which may benefit employees or students? No, neither profit nor non-profit organizations. SCUC ISD will NOT disrupt class instruction for the purpose of distribution or solicitation.  A teacher lounge is not a meeting place.
    5. Once I am approved, where do I go? Upon approval, it is the responsibility of the individual or organization to initiate distribution.  Present your flyer to the campus receptionist.  The campus receptionist will verify your approval on the District shared database (ergo, you do not need proof of approval).  Upon verification, the staff member will direct the organization to the designated table where ALL approved flyers are left for display/distribution to the GENERAL PUBLIC.  
    6. Who is the GENERAL PUBLIC?  Teachers, Staff, Students, Parents and/or anyone visiting the campus. It is their sole discretion.
    7. I only want to address one group, not the GENERAL PUBLIC, do I have another option?  No, however, you may opt for your flyer to read only to a select group or to the attention of a specific group.  Please note, the flyer will be available to the GENERAL PUBLIC.
    8. Can the campus make copies?  No, SCUC ISD will not make copies or provide materials related to the request. An electronic copy of the approved flyer will be kept on file for verification purposes only
    9. How long will my flyers/information remain on the table?  Flyers that have reached their expiration date will be discarded.  Flyers that have NOT been approved and left will be discarded.  Flyers that do not have an applicable date (not noted) will be discarded at the end of the school year.
    10. Is it possible to have flyers, coupons or other information be placed inside teacher mailboxes and/or student backpacks?  No, please see Local Board Policy GKDA.
    11. Can posters and/or other related materials be posted on doors, hallways, walls and/or windows, or on the school grounds (grass signs)?  No, each campus has a designated area specifically for these items.
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