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    We will begin remote learning starting Thursday, August 13th. Please sign up for our Google Classroom using YOUR student account.  You will use the class codes to join Google Classroom classes.

    Honors 4th Period Class Code - oafgszv

    Honors 6th Period Class Code - xszyhi3


    2nd Period Class Code:  2bxv4ri

    3rd Period Class Code:  uo35ons

    5th Period Class Code:  af3xxu6

    7th period Class Code:  2f4aaqd

     Also, if you have not joined REMIND, please do so now. The instructions are under the REMIND tab. If you need paper copies, please let me know ASAP.



    • Honors:  Honors students will have one outside reading assignment each 9 weeks along with a project.  More information will be given in class. 
      Homework:  Homework may be given out once a week.  Students are required to complete work individually and have it checked by a parent.  I will be following the district policy regarding late work.
      SSR:  Every Friday will be Sustained Silent Reading for 15-20 minutes.  Students are required to have a book (novel) on level to read in class.  Random book checks and grades will be given.  The school library is open before and after school and during lunch for students to check out books.  
      STAAR:  7th grade students will be taking 3 STAAR tests this year for writing, reading, and math.  More information about these will be sent out at a later date.  Students who do not pass these tests will be required in 8th grade to take a remedial STAAR class instead of an elective. 
      Tardies:  Students who are tardy to class will be a  given a referral to the office after the 4th tardy and beyond.  Students will serve a lunch detention.  Please see the handbook for more information.  I require students to be in their chair by the time the bell rings.  If a student is not in their seat, they are considered tardy.
      Absences:  It is the student's responsibility to collect missed work. They must see me the day they return to school to receive notes and class work.  If a student is absent or going to be absent, please email me as soon as possible so I can gather work together.

      English Language Art Supply List:

      1 pocket folder

      1 composition notebook

      1 package of wide ruled notebook paper

      1 highlighter

      sharpened pencils



      glue sticks (preferably 6 glue sticks or small bottle of glue)

      red pens

      colored pencils

      small pencil sharpener with lid

      small personal sized package of Kleenex



      Have an awesome Day!

      Classroom Rules

      Dear Parents,


           I believe in order for all of our students to be successful, it is important for our students to respect each other.  Behavior is a key factor in learning, therefore behavior which hinders teaching and/or learning will not be accepted.  In order to guarantee this we are utilizing the following discipline plan:


      1. Respect yourself, other students, adults, and school property.
      2. Be prepared for all school activities.
      3. Follow directions.
      4. Allow others to work undisturbed.
      5. Walk quietly at all times and be on time.


           If a student chooses not to follow a rule, he/she will have some type of verbal warning.  The second action warrants a teacher/student private conference.  The third action results in notification of parents.  And a fourth action results in a notification to Mr. Knox, Mr. VP, or Mrs. Garcia.   If a child is considered to have severe or repeated misbehavior, an immediate referral to the office will be made.

           Good behavior and following of the school’s rules are encouraged through many different types of positive reinforcements here at school.   If you are proud of your child’s behavior, you may also want to praise and encourage him/her at home.

           It is in your child’s best interest that we work together.  I will be in close contact with you regarding your child’s progress and behavior in our classrooms.   If you have any questions or comments, please contact us by calling the front office at (210) 619-4150.



      Mrs. Richardson