Mr. Morrison's - Investigating Careers

  • Google Classroom Codes:

    • 1st period code is  u2blxbe
    • 3rd period code is  mbobe4g
    • 4th period code is  4rtjyjw
    • 5th period code is  6ji5ths
    • 6th period code is  5acmoku
    • 7th period code is  at664wt


    Mr. Morrison welcomes you to the new TEA developed course Career Portals: Investigating Careers - Architecture and Construction (the old woodshop class). While some things are new, many others remain the same.  You will be working on your own and in groups, both can be challenging and rewarding at the same time. You'll not only design, plan and build your own project, but have the added pride of accomplishing it using the skills you've learned to date.  Remember, most lab supplies are provided, however, specialty items are your responsibility. I hope you find this phase of class to be fulfilling and a place where you can use your creativity. Some of the projects that we will be working on this year include:  scroll saw contests, nameplates, hall passes, pen/pencil projects, bridge and tower construction and designs, CO2 car project, egg drop, cutting boards, bird houses, scaled housing projects, etc... 

    If you have any questions or concerns please sign up for my class email address below or contact me at 210-619-4150.  I am looking forward to teaching your children, while having lots of fun.  Thank you and GO CORBETT!!!!!

    Feel free to e-mail me at


    Class Schedule:

    1st          8:05 - 9:05

    2nd         9:09 - 9:57 (Conference)

    3rd         10:01 - 10:49 

    4th         10:53 - 12:42 

    Lunch    (11:30 - 12:03)                               

    Pride     (12:22 - 12:42)

    5th         12:46 - 1:34

    6th         1:38 - 2:26

    7th         2:30 - 3:20

    I will also be available for tutoring before school from 7:45-8:10 in C109.

    I will be sending out an emails, posting new information on my website, as well as, on google classroom.


    In the meantime, please ensure the following:



    1.   Make sure that your child signs up for my google classroom account.  All students will use classroom to complete their daily work. Students can do this by:

    • go to
    • sign in  with their school account
    • click on the + sign at the top right and select join a class
    • enter the following codes:
      • 1st period code is  u2blxbe
      • 3rd period code is  mbobe4g
      • 4th period code is  4rtjyjw
      • 5th period code is  6ji5ths
      • 6th period code is  5acmoku
      • 7th period code is  at664wt

    2.   Make sure that your child (and you if you want) are signed up for my remind class.  I will use this to communicate and disseminate information along with email.  The codes are below:  

                               text the message @86eca2 to the phone number 81010


    Again, I want to thank you all for your help and cooperation. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to me on remind or via email (

    The district will pass out information as they have it, and I will communicate with you as well.  I look forward to meeting and working with all of you this year.
    Please stay safe, stay strong and stay together.


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