Expectations and Tutoring

  • Discipline

                Students are expected to follow all school and classroom rules.       


                Classroom Rules


    1.     Be on time and in your seat when the bell rings.


    2.     Keep your hands, feet, and objects to yourself.


    3.     Stay on task.


    4.     Respect yourself and others.



    Tardy Policy

                1st Tardy- verbal warning

                2nd Tardy- verbal warning

                3rd Tardy- parent contact

                4th Tardy- office referral



    Tutoring Schedule:  Tuesdays 3:45-4:15; or Thursdays 3:45-4:15;  EVERY MORNING B104 is available, if I am not. 

    Procedures to be aware of:


    1. Seating will be assigned and you are expected to be in that seat when the bell rings and when there is a substitute.
    2. Good behavior is expected when there is a FIRE DRILL. When there is a drill, we will line up and go down the stairs and exit accordingly. (We will go over this in detail in class!)
    3. Good behavior is expected when leaving the classroom.
    4. You may leave your seat during class when you have received permission.
    5. Make sure you come to class prepared (with all of your supplies and materials).
    6. If there is a substitute in class, be on your best behavior and NEVER turn in homework to them.
    7. You are expected to follow all school rules in the classroom at all times.
    8.  Do not touch, borrow, or use anything from the teacher’s desk unless given permission.
    9. All backpacks should be placed beside your desk and not touched during class.