Class Expectations

  • Mrs. Nevedomsky's Class Expectations



      Golden Rule: Treat others the way you want to be treated

    Classroom Mission Statement 2020-2021

    We will learn to read, write, do math and be bucket fillers by:

    Following directions quickly, listening, working hard, helping others, being kind and having FUN!

    So we can be ready for 2nd grade!


    1. Hug, high five or handshake
    2. Sticker or stamp
    3. Reward Tickets
    4. Phone call or note home 

    5. Positive Dojo Points


    Students will always get reminders before taking away a dojo point.

    1. Reminder
    2.Needed several reminders/ Note Home/Loss of Privilge/-1 Dojo Point

    2.Phone Call/Note Home/Office Visit/-2 Dojo Points


    We are also Bucket Fillers and work hard NOT to be Bucket Dippers!

    When you are a Bucket Filler, you are caring respectful and take responsibility for your actions.

    When you are a Bucket Dipper, you use unkind words, blame and hurt others.

    Ask your child for examples of Bucket Filling and Bucket Dipping.

    We all carry an invisible bucket.