Grading Policy

  • Grading Policy


    Daily Assignments, and Quizzes – 50%                     Tests and Projects – 50%

       Grades are based on class assignments, projects, tests and quizzes.  Students that earn a 69% or below on any class assignment have the opportunity to increase their  grade to 70%.  It is the student’s responsibility to correct their work and turn in to Mrs. Ulveling the following day. 

    -   Students have the opportunity to retake a test if they earn a 69% or below.  It is the student’s responsibility to communicate with the teacher about retesting within 3 days of the test. 


    Assignments:   Students are expected to turn in completed work on time.  



    Late work:     Late work is better than no work at all.  Late work will be accepted; however a loss of 10 points will be given as a penalty after the first day, and each day after, not to exceed 30 points.  No corrections will be allowed on late assignments.  Late assignments will not be accepted after three days past the due date per district grading policies.



    Missed work:       Students who are absent are eligible to make-up missed work.  Missed work can be located in the assignment folders located in the classroom.  Once student returns to school, it is the student’s responsibility to locate missed assignments and turn in the completed work.  Students who are absent more than one day can make arrangements with Mrs. Ulveling to complete missed work during lunch or after school to assure student does not get behind in class.