Honors US History

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    Unit 1    Thinking Like A Historian

    Unit 2    Colonial America  Life in a New Land  1587-1763

    Unit 3    American Independence  Restlessness to Rebellion  1763-1783
    Unit 4    Writing the Constitution  Creating a More Perfect Union  1783-1791
    Unit 5    Early Republic  Addressing Challenges 1789-1828
    Unit 6    Age of Jackson  Democracy Expands 1820s-1830s
    Unit 7    Westward Expansion  From Sea to Shining Sea 1780s-1850s
    Unit 8    Industrialization and Reform  Innovation Brings Change  1800s-1850s
    Unit 9    Sectionalism  Growing Division  1820s-1850s
    Unit 10  Civil War  The Endangered Union 1860-1865
    Unit 11  Reconstruction  Rebuilding the Union  1865-1877

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