• The English Language Arts and Reading department curriculum is guided by the TEKS Resource System and its curriculum elements such as: Year at a Glance Unit Lessons, Vertical Alignment Documents, Informational Focus Documents, Exemplar Lessons, Common Assessments and a district generated Pacing Calendar. However, it should be noted that lessons are enriched with district adopted textbooks and supplemented with other educational resources.

    As stated in the TEKS Resource System sequence of lesson activities, it provides exemplar lessons to demonstrate the depth, breadth, and rigor of the clusters of specified student expectations taught in each unit. They are intended to be used as any other high quality teaching resource. Teachers can add to these lessons with other materials to allow students to achieve the standards clustered together in the instructional focus document. These exemplars contain the elements of learning to ensure that students get access to the rigor and content of the IFD; however, they can and should be supplemented with other available resources."