ELA Overview

  • ELA Overview

    This English Language Arts and Reading class is aligned and mandated by the Texas Education of Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) and guided by skills set forth in the Schertz Cibolo Universal City School district’s approved pacing calendar.

    This course will concentrate on writing in response to close reading assignments in rhetoric and non-fiction literature that range across the disciplines. Further study will focus on reading text written by major authors differing in genres, theme, style and structure in poetry, fiction, and drama. Grammar will be taught and emphasized in the student writing throughout the year and vocabulary will be taught in tandem with selected reading pieces. The students’ use of Technology will play a major role in the learning environment throughout the school year.

    Although this is not a Pre-AP course, I firmly support The College Board’s philosophy concerning the art of literature and I encourage this philosophy in all of my classes. The College Board states; “The Pre-AP Language Arts and English program is a cooperative venture between students and their teachers. Students should read widely and reflect on their reading through extensive discussion, writing, and rewriting. Students should assume considerable responsibility for the amount of reading and writing they do. Because the Bible and Greek and Roman mythology are central to much Western literature, students should have some familiarity with them. These religious concepts and theories have influenced and informed Western literary creations since the Middle Ages, and they continue to provide material for modern writers in the attempts to give literary form to the human experience. Additionally, the growing body of works written in English reflecting non-Western cultures may require students to have some familiarity with other traditions.”