Class Expectations

  • Class Expectations

    Corbett Jr. High

    English Languages Arts Classroom Expectations

    I will be RESPECTFUL

    I will show regard and consideration to my peers and the adults of this school.

    I will address my peers and the adults of this school with appropriate language and tone.

    I will practice and adhere to the character pillars of this school.

    I will be RESPONSIBLE

    I will bring my notebook and a pen to class every day. It's that simple.

    If I am absent, it is my responsibility to arrange to make up missing work.

    I know tutorials are available before and after school.

    I will complete and turn in assignments on time.

    I will be READY

    I will have my Reader, Writer, and Vocabulary binder at my desk before the chime of the tardy bell.

    I will read the posted Agenda before the tardy bell chimes.

    I will write down the Student Expectations, Lesson and Homework Assignment at the beginning of class every day.

                • I will learn and follow this daily routine.

    Plagiarism and/or Cheating:

    • Plagiarism is using someone else’s ideas or words as your own without giving proper credit. This is considered to be the highest form of academic dishonesty.

    • If I am found plagiarizing I will earn a ZERO on the assignment and I may face disciplinary action per Corbett's Student/Parent Handbook.

    • Best advice...when in doubt, cite your work!