• Please donate any old aprons, smocks, or big button up shirts you might be getting rid of. These will help provide the students with something to cover up all those fancy clothes you just bought them! :)


    We are ALWAYS acccepting donations of anything possibly usable for making art!  

    wallpaper sample books                 zip loc bags

    craft kit leftovers                             coffee filters & cans

    used greeting cards                         foam egg cartons

      (fronts only)                                   shoe boxes

    wrapping paper                               decorative scissors

    gift bows                                          decorative hole punches

    small gift bags & boxes                  needle-nose pliers

    variety of papers                             variety of cords & strings

    silk flowers & greens                      elastic

    clean Styrofoam trays                    safety & straight pins

    crepe paper                                      

    hot glue sticks                                 burlap

    sequins                                             paper lunch sacks

    beads                                                paper plates

    buttons                                             plastic cups

    craft jewels                                     glue sticks

    old costume jewelry                       men's ties

    confetti                                             stamps & pads

    glitter                                                stickers

    glitter glue

    fabric & felt scraps                          Fun Foam

    lace  & ribbon                                   old calendar pictures

    feathers                                             puzzle pieces

    batting                                              game pieces & boards

    cotton balls                                      wooden dowels

    patches                                             skewers

    trims                                                  pom poms

    "Q-tips"                                             sponge paintbrushes

    sponges                                            paper towels

    spools                                               eye droppers

    corks                                                clean spray bottles

    margarine tubs                               wax paper

    colored tape                                    clear & colored plastic wrap

    cardboard pieces                            appropriate magazines & catalogs

    aluminum foil                                  

    road maps