Grading Policy

  • Grades in Art Class


    • Projects: will coordinate with the element or principle of art being studied in the current unit. Projects count as a test grade.
    • Sketchbook Friday: There will be an assigned word each week to be illustrated in the sketchbook. Sketchbook drawings will count as a test grade. 
    • Daily Grades: Students will receive daily grades while working towards a project's end result. 

    For details on what earns an "A" in art class please see the attached documents.

    • Late/Missing assignments: If you have been absent you have only the amount of time you were out to turn in your work (absent 1 day= 1 extra day to turn in work). You do not get extra CLASS time to work, you must do missing/late work at home, the whole class can't wait for you to catch up. Once an assignment has been late/missing for longer than 5 class days it becomes an automatic zero.


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