About the Director



    About the Director:

    My name is Mrs. Julien Lopez, and this is my Eight year as the choir director at Corbett Junior High. In May of 2013, I received my Bachelor's Degree in Music Education from Texas State University, and became a proud member of the Corbett family in the months that followed


    My goal as a music educator is to give students the skills they need to be creative and self aware community members and musicians.There are many influential benefits in giving students a strong music education, such as increases in learning cognitive development, spatial awareness, commitment, and community.

    In my experience with teaching at the elementary and middle school level, I have realized that it is important to know my students individually, and to show them I enjoy making music with them. A superior teacher never stops learning. I encourage students to approach their musical journey with this same attitude and patience.  I wish to inspire students to be musicians and stewards of their cultural heritage as citizens of the future. 

    The Corbett Choir has been my home and family for several years. Each year brings new opportunities for learning and growth for me. I love meeting new students, and showing them expression through vocal performance, whether it be in a solo or group setting. Our choirs have recieved Superior ratings and Sweepstakes Awards at our UIL performances since 2016. More importantly, the amazing students who are part of this program have created social bonds that will last them for years to come. I hope to continue the legacy of helping the students at Corbett find their voice. 

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