Classroom Expectations

  • Classroom Expectations: Our time together is very valuable.

    Prompt: When you are late, you miss valuable musical learning opportunities.

    Respect: To teachers, students, property, yourself, and our time together!

    Prepared: Have all necessary materials

    Practice: Outside of class, as much as possible! Learn your music!

    Daily Procedures:

    • Observe online etiquette at all times, especially in live class meetings
    • Always have necessary materials: Pencil (NOT a pen!), highlighter, Music Binder, Correct Music
    • Have a positive attitude and be ready to sing.


    General Policies:

    • Attendance:  As a daily class, attendance will be taken every day, (and in the event of any required rehearsals, field trips, and concerts)
    • Consequences - Student behavior, respect, and conduct is part of the choir rehearsal etiquette grade taken EVERY DAY in class. Disrespectful behavior towards any person or property interferes with the choir environment we have worked so hard to create, and as such will NOT be tolerated.
      • In general, consequences include a discussion with the student first, then communication with the parents, a scheduled parent/teacher conference, and finally, a referral to admin. Severe infractions are immediately referred to administration. 
      • Per campus guidelines: Students and parents should be familiar with the mustang pride behavior matrix, and the system of low level referrals.