Student Code of Conduct

  • Choir Student Code of Conduct


    All members involved in the Corbett Mustang choir program are considered a family, including the director. We must help support each other to create an environment where everyone feels safe. This is the expectation of ALL students in the choir program, no matter what age or experience level.


    Choir student expectations revolve around respect in all forms, and coincide with the general standards of student conduct as outlined in the Corbett Junior High Student/Parent handbook. 


    All choir students are free to express themselves through a safe and positive learning environment.


     Each Choir member has a responsibility to keep our environment this way with the choices we make, the actions we take, and the words we speak. 


    Choir members have the opportunity to participate in field trips and off-campus activities. Accordingly, choir students will represent themselves, their colleagues, and teachers in a positive and professional manner whether on or off the Corbett campus. 


    In any performance (including rehearsals!) the students are representing Corbett JH and the district as a whole, and should act respectful and professional.


    Please refer to the full Choir Handbook for specific student expectations, classroom expectations, and behavior policies.