Classroom Rules

  • All students are expected to be “self-managers” as they abide by all band rules at all times. When a student chooses to misbehave and has to be reprimanded, it prevents other students from learning. Therefore, appropriate classroom behavior is of the utmost importance. Student conduct and behavioral expectations will be explained on the first day of school. Misbehavior will be handled appropriately according to school and district procedures.

    In general, consequences include a discussion with the student, communication with the parents, lunch or after school detention, a scheduled parent/teacher conference, and finally, a referral to the Vice-Principal. Severe infractions are immediately referred to the Vice-Principal.

    The classroom rules are as follows:

    1. Bring your instrument, band binder, music, and pencil to class every day.

    2. Enter Band Hall with a positive attitude.

    3. Prepare for class silently and quickly.

    4. Be seated or in position before the tardy bell rings.

    5. Remain seated or in position and silent during instruction.

    6. The Band Hall is a gum, food, and drink-free environment.

    7. Treat others, the Band Hall, and all property with respect.

    8. Practice, practice, and practice!

    9. Only percussion students may touch or handle percussion equipment. All other students are not to touch, move, play, or pretend to play any percussion equipment.

    10. Students are not allowed in the Band Office or Band Library without Mr. Barker's or Ms. York's permission. A student must have permission from Mr. Barker or Ms. York to use the phone.

    11. Non-band students are not allowed in the Band Hall or allowed to handle a band student’s instrument.