Mustang Band FAQ




    Do I need to bring my instrument on the first day of school?

    No, but students will need their instruments the SECOND day of school.

    What supplies do I need to purchase for my band student?

    Please go to the Mustang Band Website and Click on "Required Materials" to see materials for the upcoming school year.

    How many bands are there in the program?

    For the 2023-2024 school year, we will have a total of FIVE bands: Varsity, Symphonic, Concert, Intermediate, and Red Bands. Band placement for the school year is based on the student's audition as well as on past/recent musical performance and effort.

    Are there any rehearsals after school?

    Yes, depending on what band your child is placed in. The Varsity, Symphonic, and Concert band students have weekly sectionals for their instrument group.

    Are there a lot of performances during the school year?

    There 3-4 after school performances each semester! Fall performances include 8th grade Junior High Band Night, Fall Concert, and Winter Concert. Spring performances include pre-UIL, UIL, Spring Concert, and possible pep rallies. 

    What is the performance uniform?

    The uniform we wear most frequently is the Corbett Band Shirt tucked into jeans. This shirt will be available for purchase online at the start of the 2023 school year. Our Varsity, Symphonic, and Concert Bands will additionally be fitted for the formal concert uniform (worn Spring Semester) during the school year. All students are required to purchase the Band Shirt. 

    What instruments are available to rent from the school district?

    The school district provides the following instruments for rental. Instrument rentals will take place the first week of school, or you may contact us to begin your rental over the summer. The SCUCISD rental fee is $80/school year.

    Instruments Available to Rent

    Oboe, Bassoon, Bass Clarinet, Tenor Sax, Bari Sax, French Horn, Baritone, Tuba

    Can my child be in Athletics and Band?

    YES! We have many athletes in the band program! The Athletic programs and Fine Art programs work very hard in accommodating students and their practice/rehearsal schedules.

    Can my child join band if he/she has never been in band?

    Yes, your child is more than welcome to join the Corbett Mustang Band!  Prior to being placed in a particular band class, his/her performance/prerequisite skills will be assessed by the directors.  Previous musical experience is preferred, considering that current members of the Corbett Mustang Band have at least two to three years of musical instruction. We highly encourage private lessons for any beginner musician.  

    *If you have further questions concerning the Corbett Junior High School Mustang Band, please do not hesitate to email us! 

    Mr. Corey Barker
    Director of Bands
    Mr. Gavin Kohlenberg
    Assistant Director of Bands