• What is Allison L. Steele Enhanced Learning Center?

    A. Allison L. Steele is a nontraditional high school where SCUCISD students can turn when they need help in graduating.  Our school is not a discipline center.  Excellent behavior and attendance is required for students to succeed. 

    Q.  What kind of diploma will I get at Allison L. Steele?

    A.  Allison L. Steele is a Texas accredited high school, so students receive a Texas high school diploma.  We have the same requirements as all public high schools. The Recommended diploma is offered, as specified by the state; however, students will not have a class rank or a GPA on their transcript. 

    Q.  Can I get a GED at Allison L. Steele?

    A.  No, we are not a GED school. 

    Q.  Are the teachers at Allison Steele certified teachers?

    A.  All of the teachers at Allison Steele are state certified, many in multiple areas.  They are highly qualified and several have earned their Master's degree.   All the teachers at Allison are dedicated and have one goal in common; to help every student succeed and earn their high school diploma. 

    Q. What is the student-teacher ratio?

    We have 11 teachers and classes are smaller than the traditional campus with 8 to 12 students per class. 

    Q.  When will I go to school if I go to Allison Steele?

    A.  We offer a morning session and an afternoon session at Allison Steele.  Morning students come to school from 8:30-12:35 and afternoon students come from 12:00-4:05.  All students take 4 classes per day.

    Q.  What are the semesters and grading periods like at Allison Steele?

    A.  Students work at their own pace on an accelerated curriculum,  and they earn their credits as they complete the work in each class needed.  Students work independently and the teacher helps students individually. 

    Q. When will I graduate?

    A. We offer two graduation ceremonies.  One in December and one in May.  

    Q.  Do you offer sports at Allison L. Steele?

    A. We do not offer sports or extracurricular activities at Allison.  However, we do provide opportunities for students to participate in other activities such as intramural basketball, culinary competitions, and student-led festivities.

    Q.Is there transportation to and from Allison L. Steele?

    A. We offer limited bus transportation at 8:30 am and 4:00 pm.  No bus transportation at noon.