general information

  • Students seeking to earn a credit in Language Arts at Allison Steele

    must write a great deal.  This class is centered around developing your composition skills

    so that you are prepared for the world that awaits you after school.  You will have

    to have polished writing skills in college, in the military or in anything you wish to

    pursue when you leave us. 

    Students will have a lot of autonomy in Ms. Cade's class and will learn to work

    independantly on their own writing projects.  This is your turn to be creative and to

    make something that expresses who you are. Of course, if you are a struggling writer

    Ms. Cade is here to help you with whatever you need to work on.   If you just need a couple of

    ideas to jump start those creative juices I'm here to help you with that as well. And lastly if you

    ever have any questions about anything just ask!  If I don't know the answer we'll figure it out