Classroom News

  • In Ms. Cade's class we focus on writing.  Students work on their essay writing skills and their story telling.  This is all to prepare them for college, the work world and just everyday living.

    Students will revise their written compositions to the best of their ability, learning grammar, voice, vocabulary and other writing essentials as they go.

    Students have a choice in what they wish to work on every day.  If they want to prepare themselves more for TAKS if that time of the year is approaching, then that's what we work on.

    Ms. Cade is sincerely interested in the lives of her students.  She enjoys reading about and helping students improve their lives academically and personally.

    It is Ms. Cade's goal to help students discover who they are and who they will become.  At this highly volatile age where students are graduating, going to college and joining the armed forces things are especially difficult.  Writing out issues and thinking about how to solve problems is a real and relevant topic to students.