Art I

  • Welcome Art students! 

    I am very happy to start a new year. My goal is to lead an exciting visual arts course in a very safe and creative environment. In this class you will expand your natural creativity toward art making and problem solving. We will discuss the elements and principles of art and from that perspective we will explore art styles, art techniques, and the work of various artists.

    This is an accelerated program in which you will work at your own pace. There will be some guided instruction but you, the student, has to take an active role in the class and in your own learning. You will be responsible for keeping up with the course requirements in a timely manner.

    In order to be successful you are expected to:

    Keep your work-log up to date (record your progress daily)

    Be on task          (awake and working)

    Be Productive         (get things done)

    Be Respectful         (courteous to all, speak with purpose, self-control etc)

    Be Safe                (use tools as intended, no horseplay)


                                             Keep a sketchbook  *



    *Credit will be awarded when ALL assignments have been completed.