Art History


    Welcome Art History students!   


    In this course we will use a historical perspective to explore art styles, art techniques, and the work of various artists in the different art periods. We will start with the birth of artistic expression in pre-historic time and will continue to explore the different art periods all the way to the present time. We will look at art events as they correlate to the world history events, and to the world map as well.  


    A full credit of art history is designed to be completed 12 weeks, so you must be organized and work diligently to be able to finish all assignments in the time allotted. Extra days will be added if the student is absent or not fully engaged in class.


    In order to be successful you are expected to:

    Keep your work-log up to date (record your progress daily)

    Be on task          (awake and working)

    Be Productive         (get things done)

    Be Respectful         (courteous to all, speak with purpose, self-control etc)

    Be Safe                (use tools as intended, no horseplay)




    *Credit will be awarded when ALL assignments have been completed.


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