Rules and Policies

  • 1) Passes are required to come to the Library anytime between 8:40a.m. and 4:00p.m. if you are not accompanied by a teacher.  This includes all "lunch" periods because it is not lunch in the Library. Please sign in at the front desk.

    2) Current school ID's are required if you wish to check out a book.

    3) Current school ID's are required to use a computer if you are not accompanied by a teacher. Please sign in at the front desk.

    4) Library computers are to be used for educational purposes only.

    5) You may check out up to six books at a time for the current nine week period. All library books are due the Friday before  the last week of the nine weeks.   This school year, books are due on the following dates:  October 9, 2020, December 11, 2020, February 26, 2021, and May 7, 2021.   According to School Board policy, after one day of grace you will be charged ten cents per day per book. You will not be charged fines for holidays and weekends. If you are ill and miss school on both the day the book is due and the day of grace, please inform the Librarian or her assistant and upon verification, your fine amount will be reduced.

    6) Please be kind to other students and return books on time and in good condition so that others may also read the book.

    7) No food will be allowed in the library. Please finish eating before you enter.