Membership in the NHS is not a right or an elected position, but rather a privilege and a responsibility given to those 11th and 12th grade students who demonstrate outstanding scholarship, leadership, character and service as defined by the NHS Constitution, the NHS Handbook, and the Chapter Bylaws. Selection takes place once per year.

    To be qualified for admission, Steele High School candidates must have completed their Sophomore year (10th Grade) of high school, and be members of the BPSHS Junior (11th Grade) or Senior (12th Grade) classes. Candidates must have achieved a cumulative weighted GPA of 92 or above as calculated by the Registrar after the completion of the previous calendar school year. The GPA standard is firm.

    In this age of technology and computer based grades, student GPAs change daily, sometimes hourly. However, the invitation and admission process for a school this size is lengthy and costly. There is much documentation to be completed by: the Candidates for admission, the Faculty Sponsor and the Faculty Advisory Committee. Significant expenses are incurred by the Chapter for Induction. Therefore, the Steele Chapter does not and will not practice rolling admission. The Application Process will open once annually, during the fall semester. GPA standards will then be officially calculated by the Registrar after the completion of the previous school year (according to the school calendar). Selection and induction will take place once annually.

    Membership is not automatically awarded simply because a student achieves the required GPA. If a candidate wishes to join the organization, candidates are then required to complete a Application.  A copy of the candidate's transcript MUST BE attached to the application in order to be considered for membership. All forms must be submitted by the deadline date established on the NHS website.

    The Faculty Sponsor presents the submitted student information forms and references to the seven-member Faculty Advisory Committee. The Committee reviews each candidate's forms, references, and record, and weighs each against the selection criteria established by the NHS Constitution, the NHS Handbook, and the NHS Bylaws. Candidates must meet all selection criteria in order to be admitted to the Chapter.

    Students accepting membership are required to maintain the standards of scholarship, leadership, service and character that earned their admittance to the organization.

    Steele NHS tries to offer a scholarship opportunity each year.  It is important to understand that this scholarship is a privilege and not a right.  The Faculty Advisory Committee will judge applications based upon a set rubric and also will interview the candidates and judge them based upon a set rubric.  Depending upon finances and success in fundraising, the goal is to offer 2 scholarships ($1,500 each) to be awarded at the end-of-the-year NHS Banquet.  To qualify for the scholarship, you must have been a member in good standing (and/or have transferred in from another accredited NHS Program) for two complete years.

    For more information regarding Membership, please read the Chapter Bylaws located in the Documents section of this website.


    *Applications open each school year on the Tuesday following Labor Day.  Applications are posted to the Steele NHS website.  It is the sole responsibility of the NHS Applicant to obtain and complete the application.


    All applications are due to Mrs. Hargett NO LATER THAN 2:00pm on the Friday that occurs 10 calendar days after applications have opened.