Welcome to the Steele Band website. It is the goal of the directors for this website to be another way for students, parents, community, and supporters of the Knight Band to receive information regarding the Steele band program. Within this website, you will find current and future events. In addition, you will find links to other music sites that may help you to find new ways to foster stronger musical appreciation at home and in our community.

    The best way to reach a director is through email: 

    Mr. Deater - sdeater@scuc.txed.net (Director of Bands) 

    Ms. Beasley - abeasley@scuc.txed.net (Assistant Director of Bands/Director of Jazz Studies)

    Mr. Hisatake - jhisatake@scuc.txed.net (Assistant Director of Bands/Director of Percussion)

    Ms. Guerra - lguerra@scuc.txed.net (Guard Sponsor)




  • New Member Presentation

    This presentation is an overview of the Steele Band program and will answer most questions.

    Click Here for the New Member Presentation


    2024 Band Audition Instructions


    2024 Audition Music Click Here


    2024 Direct Link for Audition Submission


    Marching Band Rehearsal Schedule Fall 2024 (Tentative)

    Mondays 4:45-6:15pm - Colorguard 

    Tuesdays 4:45-7:15pm - Full Band (Percussion 4:45-8:30pm)

    Wednesdays 7:15-8:45am - Woodwinds and Brass

    Thursdays 4:45-7:45pm - Full Band 

    Fridays 7:30-8:30am - Full Band (On the Steele Football Field arrive earlier on this day)

    *Please schedule doctor's (or other) appointments, driving lessons/tests, and tutoring around these days and times.



Band Info

  • The BAND App (Announcements & Events)

    We use the Band App to send quick notifications to our members and parents.  We need all students/parents to join the band app so you can receive information.  Please follow the directions below to join.

    1) click the following invitation/link:

    Click Here To Join the Band App

    2) follow the instructions to sign up

    3) You're in!!!

    One of the biggest differences with the Band App, is the opportunity for two-way communication.  However, you will be receiving notifications from everyone's response unless you do the following:

    1) In the app, click the 3 horizontal lines on the bottom right of your screen

    2) Click "Notifications"

    3) Click on "Comments"

    4) Select "Tagged Comments Only"

    By following these instructions, you will still receive the reminders, but will not get additional notifications for comments from the entire band.

    Please download the "Band App" today and get set up so you can continue to receive reminders and information.  The drum majors will no longer be sending anything through Remind.

    Steele Band Interactive Calendars

    We have all our dates listed below in interactive google calendars, that you can subscribe to, and are updated reguarly. Please subscribe to any of the following calendars that apply to your student:

    Steele Knight Band (Main): This calendar is designated for general events that apply to all band members.

    Steele Band - Main

    Steele HS Marching Band: For all participating members of the marching band, and competition band. 

    Steele HS Colorguard

    Steele Percussion: Percussion specific related events, rehearsals, and information.

    Steele HS Percussion


    To access a PDF version of the band calendar events, follow this link, and scroll down.


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