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    2020-21 Steele Band Auditions


    Steele Band Members,


    Below is the audition music for the 2020-21 Steele Band. Auditions will take place during class, for Steele students, from May 13 through May 15. Incoming freshmen or students not currently enrolled in band should audition in the Steele Band Hall on either May 14 or May 15 from 3:30 - 6:00pm. If school colsures continue, we will make adjustments accordingly.


    There are two parts to the audition, prepared music and sightreading. Students should practice the audition material (follow link below), working toward playing as many sections as possible. Sections are separated by breath marks followed by a double bar line. When auditioning, students will start at the beginning and play through to the end of their best section. Students will be scored appropriately based on their performance of all aspects of music (notes, rhythms, pulse, tempo, phrasing, dynamics, tone, pitch, style, articulations, musicality, to name a few). The recommended minum tempo is quarter note at 112.


    This musical evaluation will determine which concert band students will be placed in, while also serving as the first step in auditioning for a spot in the competition marching show. All students will make the band, we just need to place students in the best band for their level of performance ability.


    The band staff would like to wish everyone the best as you prepare for this upcoming audition. Please see a band director if you have any questions.


    Steele Band Audition Music 2020-21




    Steven Deater, Director of Bands

    Miguel Martinez, Assistant Band Director

    Buck Palmer, Assistant Band Director 





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