Band Placement Audition Information



    Provided below is the music for all woodwind and brass players who will be members of the Steele Knight Band during the 2023-2024 school year. The instrumental auditions are both incredibly important and mandatory for all woodwind and brass band members. The results of these auditions will determine each student's ensemble placement in our ensembles here at Steele as well as serve as a guide for allocating marching band roles. With that said, it should be noted that ALL woodwind, brass and percussion students will participate in the fall marching band regardless of their ensemble placement. These auditions are primarily used for gauging the students' current musical achievement level and allowing them to be assigned into the proper concert ensemble, which will allow them the greatest opportunity for growth and individual success. 


    These auditions should be taken seriously and students are highly encouraged to reach out to their respective band director or private lesson instructor to receive feedback and guidance for achieving the strongest audition possible. It should be noted that these auditions do not include percussion students or color guard members. These auditions take place separately!



    Attached below are PDF copies of the audition music for all members. Please click on your respective instrument to view, download and print a personal copy. Paper copies will be made available to all students, courtesy of your middle school or high school band directors.


    Flute / Oboe /  Clarinet / Bassoon / Bass Clarinet / Alto Sax / Tenor Sax / Bari-Sax


    Horn / Trumpet / Trombone / Euphonium / Tuba



    All students will need to submit their audition videos by Monday, April 17th, 2023 - NO LATER than 11:59pm. Students will submit their videos using the google form below. Due to the faulty nature of technology when we most need it, we do not suggest waiting until the last possible minute. Students will be able to submit their recordings any time between Friday, March 24th and Monday, April 17th.



    Each ensemble director is available to help should students need assistance in any part of their preparation of their audition music. Students should email their respective Director to arrange additional help. 



    Mr. Deater -

    Wind Ensemble Students

    Mr. Palmer -

    Symphonic Winds Students

    Mr. Palmer -

    Symphonic Band Students


    Current middle school students should work with their directors for additional help. 


    You will need to submit your audition video below. Please note that ALL current Steele 9th-11th grade students MUST submit a video submission. If you have an obstacle preventing you from being able to submit a video submission, please reach out to a director ASAP so that we can assist with getting you a solution.


    Students will only be allowed to submit 1 video entry. If a student submits multiple forms, for whatever reason...the first video submission will be used for placement judging. Student submissions must also be one continuous video meaning the students perform all audition materials in one take and the student must be able to be seen in the video recording. If a video is submitted that is edited, that students entry will be forfeited.


    When recording your audition please follow the following steps:

    1. Start video recording - the most important step!

    2. State your name and your grade level.

    3. Play through the audition excerpts in order of how they are listed on the page (top-bottom), starting with the excerpt.

    4. Upload your video by using the "add file" button below.


    Students have a wonderful opportunity this year with auditions being recorded. This means that students can take as many takes as possible to ensure they are submitting the best possible representation of their playing skills. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS! If you wait until the very last minute to start recording, you may not be presenting the directors with your absolute best performance! Once you have the best audition video, use that video for submission!





Audition Music 2023