Eng I PreAP - YOUR choices decide who you are.....so choose wisely!!!!!


    By electing to be a part of the Honors program you are letting me know that you have a high level of ability and an interest in reading and writing. The expectations of the quality of your work will be high and you will find some of what we do to be rigorous. Remember, we never grow unless we are challenged!

    Think back...could you tie your shoe the first time you tried? Could you ride a bike without training wheels the first time you tried?  If you are in band, did you know how to play your instrument right away?  If you are in sports, were you the star athlete immediately?

    What I do expect is that you try.  If you try, you can succeed.


    Supplies needed:

    Writing Utensils - pen(any readable color)/pencil(any kind)

    English only folder with pockets 

    Highlighters: yellow, green, blue , and pink





    District Mission Statement

    SCUC ISD provides a safe, secure and challenging learning environment, through the responsible use of all resources, to afford opportunities for all students to realize their individual potential and to become responsible and productive members of society.

    Classroom Mission Statement

    The classroom will provide a safe and secure environment which will allow students the opportunity to learn, practice, and improve reading ,writing , listening, research, and communication skills.



    Pre AP Mission Statement

    The Pre AP English class will provide an enjoyable,  safe, respectful learning environment that challenges students  in all areas of LA- reading, writing, vocabulary, listening, grammar- to be fully prepared for future assessments.  In order to reach these goal students will work to be better listeners, be prepared with supplies and assignments, be ready to participate, will respect others , and will follow classroom rules  and expectations.


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