Rules-Policies/Late Work


    Steele High School

    Pre-AP English 1 Class Rules and Policies

           Teacher: Mrs. Corbett (Room G245)  



    Parents, please send me an e-mail message which includes an e-mail address where I can contact you.  I will add the e-mail address to the class folder so that contact can be easy between us.  Thank you!!

    Mrs. Corbett’s e-mail address:


    Classroom Rules

    1.     Be on time. I will follow the school tardy policy.

    2.     Be prepared. This means having your own supplies with you and being ready to learn every day. Students will receive detention for repeated lack of supplies.

    3.     Be respectful. Be considerate of those around you and give yourself and them the opportunity to learn. Disruption of class and conduct unfit for the classroom will result in parent contact, detention, and ultimately a referral to the office.

    4.     Wear your ID! Students are expected to be wearing their identification card above the waist at all times.

    5.     Food and drink are not allowed!


    General Information

                Pre-Advanced Placement English is a rigorous course that focuses on the writing, reading, and analytical skills needed for the AP language and literature courses. It involves significantly more reading, writing, and homework than English I. The goal is to successfully prepare students to tackle college-level courses at the junior and senior level and pass the AP Language and Literature examinations to gain college credit. It is the AP philosophy, and mine, that all students who wish to take a Pre-AP or AP course should be encouraged to do so, but it is important to recognize that it will be challenging.


    Grading Policy

    -          50% - Summative grades- tests, essays, and projects.

    -          50%  - Formative grades- quizzes, selected writing activities, daily work, and homework.

    Students’ grades can be accessed through the Parent Connection found on the district home page, Grades will be updated weekly. 


    Late Work/Absences

    -      Students will be encouraged to complete all assignments by their assigned due date to earn full credit!  PLEASE SEE THE LATE WORK POLICY ATTACHED AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE!


    -          I am available for tutoring every morning from 8:00-8:30 a.m.  I will gladly tutor at other times by appointment.