Dress Code Regulations

  • Dress Code Regulations

    To aid students and their parents in making decisions about appropriate dress and grooming for schools, the following guidelines are established:

    1. Shorts, skirts, culottes, and dresses must be no more than three (3) inches above the knee. Any clothes that are suggestive or indecent or which cause distraction will not be permitted. No cutoffs, tight fitting pants, or exercise/bicycle shorts will be permitted.

    2. Appropriate footwear must be worn; footwear that has toes reinforced with steel, hard plastics or similar materials is specifically prohibited. House shoes are not permitted.

    3. Hair must be neat and clean. No unnatural hair color allowed or extreme haircuts such as Mohawks.

    4. Headwear including all types of hats may not be worn in the building. Sunglasses must not be worn in the building. When at outside extracurricular activities ball cap brims must face forward. Bandanas and headbands are not allowed on campus.

    5. Items of clothing considered to be undergarments and/or see-through garments may not be worn as outer garments.

    6. Tank tops, muscle shirts, halter tops, exposed backs or midriffs are not permitted. No cleavage is to be exposed.

    7. Clothing promoting the use of tobacco, alcohol, sexual in nature, or drugs may not be worn. In addition, clothing which promotes death, suicide, cult worship, or inappropriate comments or statements is also prohibited.

    8. No body piercing may be ornamented with rings, studs, etc. except for those located on the ear(s) and then no more than three per ear. Band-Aids covering piercings are unacceptable. Piercing spacers of any type are also prohibited.

    9. Any article of clothing deemed inappropriate by the School Administration is prohibited.

    Because fads in dress and grooming are subject to sudden, and sometimes radical change, a basic rule to remember is that student dress and grooming should not be suggestive or indecent, or so bizarre and unusual as to distract from the classroom environment.

    If the principal or designee determines that a student’s grooming violates the dress code, the student shall be assigned to the In School Suspension Center for the remainder of the day or until a parent brings appropriate clothing.

    Repeated offenses may result in more serious disciplinary action. Appropriate discipline procedures shall be followed in all cases. (See FO, FOA, FOD) Should a student choose not to comply with the grooming requirements, he/she will be referred to a vice-principal. Parents will be contacted to provide appropriate corrective measures as required.