Student Parent Contract

  • Steele High School                                                                                                                                  

    CNA Program Student/Parent Contract


    Student Name (Print Legibly) ____________________________________________________


    Date ____________________________________


    Students and parents understand and agree to the following rules and regulations:

    -        Students will be on time to all classes and attend all clinical rotations. A strict attendance policy will be in place and will be strictly followed.

    -        Students will comply with the Steele High School dress code.

    -        All students will arrive to class or clinical rotation in the approved attire only.

    -        Students will conduct themselves in a mature, responsible manner at all times.

    -        Students will adhere to the cellphone and computer usage rules and regulations.

    -        Students will treat faculty and staff and each other with courtesy and respect.

    -        Students are to complete all assignments and will practice all clinical skills until deemed proficient by the instructor.

    -        Students are expected to read all assigned chapters of the textbook and complete all workbook assignments.

    -        Students are expected to participate in class lectures, discussions and activities.

    -        Students are required to take all quizzes and tests.

    -        Attendance is vital to the success of this program. All students are required to attend class and attend all clinical rotations. Any absent work must be made up. Students are required to come to afternoon tutorials to make up work, if absent. All absences must be made up in the allotted time.

    -        Students are required to sign in each day for attendance purposes, required by the state.

    -        Students will park their vehicle in the student parking lot only. Students must drive in a safe and lawful manner when entering or exiting the student parking lot.

    -        A course completion certificate is a mandatory pre-requisite for taking the state certification exam. Students must maintain an 80 semester average to be eligible for the certificate. Grades are determined by mandatory attendance, skill check-off, clinical performance, participation in activities and classroom lectures, assignments, quizzes and tests.

    It is expected that students enrolled in the Steele High School CNA program will respect and follow the rules and regulations outlined in this contract and will demonstrate an interest in pursuing a CNA certification.

    ___________________________________________       _______________________

                                        Student Signature                                                      Date


    ___________________________________________       _______________________

                                        Parent Signature                                                        Date



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