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Financial Math

Until Schoololgy is up and running

I will post the checklist here

Weekly Checklist 1 & 2  


My Schedule

1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 7th, 8th Period - Financial Math (FM)

In-person tutoring on school days - Monday & Thursday 8:00 to 8:30


My conference period on school days:  9:30 to 10:20.

You can contact me through Schoology or email. ALWAYS identify your student's FIRST and LAST NAME in the communication.

My email is ccbrown@scuc.txed.net

  • Financial Math

    Step-By-Step Guide


    1. SCHOOLOGY: This is where all class related items are located

        a. To get to Schoology:  

            ѻ Go to the SCUC district website.

            ѻ Click on the student link at the top.

            ѻ Click on “ClassLink/myStudentPortal”

            ѻ Click on “Schoology”

        b. Click on Financial Math.

        c. Click on the correct 9 week period.

        d. Click on the correct week.

        e. Click on “What’s Happening This Week". This will take you to the weekly checklist. 


    2. WEEKLY CHECKLISTS: (Click on the “What’s Happening This Week” link in Schoology)

    a. Week at a Glance:  It will give you a quick idea of what is due each day.  In order to see the details for each day - slide down to see the daily charts.

    b. Daily Charts:  Each day’s chart has a "To Do" list for that date as well as the links to do them.


    3. CALCULATORS:  The preferred online calculator is Math-way.  It can be accessed from the Math-way website or its app.



    a. Look at the "What's Happening This Week" page in Schoology in order to know what to do for the day.  

    b. Copies of handed out papers are available next to the teacher's desk. 


    5. GRADES: Instructions for submitting a good grade.

    After you submit an assignment a screen appears with two options:

    ---Review Accuracy

    ---Edit Responses

    Step 1: Select Review Accuracy.  This will show you which questions you got wrong.  

    Step 2: Click on the assignment again in google Classroom.  This time select "Edit Responses".  Work on the problems you missed and then resubmit.

    Step 3:  Repeat the first two steps until you have a grade you are happy with.