About Us


    SCUCISD’s Athletic Department mission is to engage our coaching staff every day through constant communication, motivation, and encouragement to create a positive and meaningful experience for our student-athletes and coaches.  Our vision is to create a department that provides our student-athletes with the resources and opportunities needed to become successful at the highest level possible.


    • It is important to see athletics as a part of the total educational process.  It should complement and contribute to the overall education of each student.
    • A sound, wholesome sports program will contribute to and involve students as participants, support groups, or as spectators.  It will also serve the community by providing entertainment and establishing a common ground of interest.  This common interest will draw our communities together in support of our various sports programs and the students that compete for these programs. 
    • The combination of sports and academics can be a tremendous experience in a young person’s life.  A broad and sound sports program for all students can provide invaluable experiences for the participants.



    • Developing the total student: academically, socially, and physically
    • Encouraging each student to compete both on the field and in the classroom
    • Developing an awareness in each student of the importance that a positive mental attitude plays toward success in every aspect of life
    • Teaching personal acceptance of responsibility to student athletes
    • Teaching all students the importance of each and every team member as well as embracing cultural diversity
    • Developing an appreciation for the team concept (trust, loyalty, selflessness)
    • Instilling values of honesty, integrity, character, and confidence
    • Teaching the importance of establishing priorities, setting goals,  and overcoming adversity
    • Teaching an appreciation for sportsmanship
    • Reaching the maximum athletic potential of each individual and each team
    • Pursuing a competitive level in each sport