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    • Class Rules: Character Counts! 
      1. BE RESPECTFUL TO EVERYONE – Kindness, courtesy and respect towards all people (teachers, students, school/district staff, substitutes, visitors, etc.) are required in this class through both your actions and your speech.

      2. BE POSITIVE – Exhibit a positive attitude and a willingness to learn.

      3. BE PREPARED – Bring all needed supplies and work to class.

      4. BE PROMPT – Be in the room before the tardy bell rings.

      5. BE PRODUCTIVE – Do your own work. Always try hard to do your best!

      6. BE PROFESSIONAL – Our online classroom (Google Classroom, Zoom, etc.) is still a classroom! Do not start random, non-class-related conversations on a thread in Google Classroom. Always wear appropriate clothing -- shirts and pants/shorts are required -- and show your face in Zoom meetings. Always “mute” yourself in a Zoom with multiple people until it is your turn to talk.

       Consequences for Violating Class Rules and Policies:

      1st Offense: Warning

      2nd Offense: Teacher Detention & Parent Contact

      3rd+ Offense: Office Referral